Thursday, March 19, 2015

first sail of the season

Well its been a bonny week and more fair weather to come :) John was up for five days and he gave me a wee hand with a couple of bonfires, planting seeds and landscaping so it was great to see him. Things are starting to sprout here now and I took a wee walk round with the camera again.

My meadow area is now ready for seeds after the excavator managed to get rid of the stumps for me, I am just waiting another couple of weeks so the ground will warm up a bit. The photo below is the area I have cleared which was no mean task as it was all brambles and pheasant berry bush thicket to start off with huge tree divots thrown in.

I made an access hole in the wall and a ramp so I can barrow the stack of wood under the blue tarp up to the road and load it on the trailer, it then goes to my wood storage shed which I have made sides for with old pallet wood. Its about half full again after I emptied it for the fire this winter.

I had the boat out yesterday to tune the rigging and check the sails etc and had a nice wee sail down the bay close hauled on the way out and a following 15 knt breeze on the way back, boat was going well as I have not loaded all my gear yet and there is hardly any weight on her.

Another area I am clearing at the moment is down towards the river, the old wall is going to be used for yet another rockery I think and this area is a birch wood and it has another pond that feeds out of the garden pond plus two other burns. I am going to dam this pond dredge it, and raise the level a foot and it will be a lovely wee spot.

This culvert under the main road has now got two wee ponds that the water will cascade over when it rains and probably midgies will breed in the rest of the time.

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