Friday, March 6, 2015

More land

Well I found out yesterday that I actually own more land than I thought, I was chatting to my neighbour yesterday and it turns out I own a walled off field between our houses that I thought was his. The field is covered in brambles but has about five nice hardwoods and a wee burn running through it. I suppose it's about the size of both the front and back gardens in Kurnell. It will take a while clearing it but hey that's all I do nowadays 😄

There is a six ton excavator going to rip out some stumps I couldn't get with the wee machine tomorrow, he is a neighbour and doing the job really cheap, the stumps are close to the area I,m going to make into a wild flower meadow and I will get him to move the wall stones that make up the field boundary to make up another big rockery in the middle. He mentioned that a job next week has a couple of loads of topsoil so if it's the right price I will get him to dump it in the meadow area.

I dislocated my bliddy anckle yesterday so took it eassier today just did some raking and bits and bobs it takes a while to build up strength in it again and I have to be careful. I gave away some logs today in exchange for the guy clearing the area they are in, it's viewable from the road and I,d like to landscape it plus the logs are pretty wet. I haven't had any new emails from potential helpers so I should update the advert which puts it back on top again.

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