Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sorry about the lack of blogs

I know a few of you keep in touch with what is happening here through the blog so sorry about the lack of them recently. I have been busy protesting about the wind farm development that is proposed for this township and have made a website at Connemara is the part of Ireland we live in. The more research I do into this the more I am convinced that wind turbines are not the way to go to generate our electricity, anyway shan't bore you with turbines anymore today, notice the today.

I have stacks of chopped firewood all over the place now and could do with a tractor and trailer to get them all back close to the house, nevver mind it must help keep me fit dragging my sled full back to the house every time I come back up for a cuppa or break. A lot of the wood is unseasoned so it wont be fit for the fire until next year, if we are spared. The central heating is working well but I still need to put insullation in the loft as the North end of the house (Barney's wing) is still a lot colder.

The wee dog is saving me a fortune in washing powder as he just eats my dirty socks instead of them needing washed apart from that he is grand, I think he is further up the pecking (pack) order than Gus even though he is only half the size may be ther terrier in him gives him the edge, Gus is a bit like Ishan temprament wise and is just chilled out.

It looks like showers and sunny intervals today so I am going to chop down another tree near the road that was split in two by a storm in the past, its hard going the bit I am clearing just now as there have been a couple of felled trees in the past that they just left the brances and the brambles have grown through them so I have a thicket about 10ft deep of thorns to wade through.

Anyway all the best to everyone and give me a call if you would like to be bored by wind farm facts and figuires, I think that writing to pollies, putting my hand up at meetings making a website and talking politely may not be working and Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King had to get arrested to get their message across, I wonder if they would deport me back to Long Bay in Australia if I do some Peaceful Demonstration? ok Wheres my black texter I'm gonna make a big bliddy sign and go down to Evening Mass with a mega phone, ok maybe not. 

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