Monday, November 12, 2012

Good job if you can get it

How does £450,000 sound for 54 days work, I think that's £8333.33 per day hmm not bad ehh wonder what the pension fund is like that could swing it ehh. The director of the BBC just got that as a severance not because he had done brilliantly and made a fortune for the company but because he stuffed up, I'm sure I could do the same. His successor acting director general Tim Davie has urged senior corporation managers to "pull together" in the BBC's interests. He said that while rubbing his hands in glee and wondering how best to stuff up, no he didn't I just made that up.

I see Venice is underwater this morning after floods, I shouldn't be smiling at others misfortunes but I must admit to a smirk when this wally on TV, wading through thigh high water, at pace, so he could get on TV behind the reporter and probably make faces, stumbled, and took a wee dive, ipad first into what looked like crystal clear auqa blue waters in the Platza NOT.

Ireland is more like Venice than S Australia this morning which has bush fires raging, there is no way I would have bought this place if it had been in Australia I have acres of branches needing burnt, they would be prime hiding places for snakes and other goodies, there are ponds here that no doubt would be home to various man eating creatures and the whole place would be like a tinderbox. The reason I havent burnt off much in the way of branches is I have a phobia about the fire getting out of control. Unfortunately it has to be done at some point.

Well its almost 0800 I've had a shower and breakfast and am now going to have another look at Wordpress, wordpress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. Did that help you understand? Anyway the reason I am learning how to drive it, is that I knocked back a couple of jobs last week as Static website design would not have met the clients needs, one was for an auction house that has furniture and antique sales and they wanted a website they could administer themselves and add their >600 items for sale every monthly sale a content managment system is what they are after. I think I shall have a go this week at turning into my new wordpress site and will move my blog to there.

Take care all.

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