Wednesday, November 14, 2012

2 sister in laws not happy

Well both my Sister in Laws are not happy that I haven't being blogging with my usual gusto, so I am putting fingers to keys tonight in a vain attempt to satisfy their insatiable craving for my undoubted mastery of the written word and pictures of my pets.

In the news there was a mention of the referendum vote this last Saturday, which is a bit of a surprise seeing only 10 people bothered to go to the voting stations. 6 of them must have voted yes as the Child Referendum bill went through 60 - 40 and there is some talk about not having voting again on a Saturday seeing nobody turned up, maybe more folks would have, if they had got some time off work?
That Muslim cleric Abu Qatanda was released with a new bracelet today, he has been in jail in Britain for the past seven years fighting extradition to his home country of Jordan. It costs on average £47,000 per year to keep someone in prison so that's £329,000 and a bracelet that the stoopid human rights laws cost the taxpayers to keep Osama BinBag's right hand man safe. Bet you are happy I'm blogging again girls.

If you want to see how my fight against wind farms is going you can keep up to date at and also marvel at my skill in website design at the same time.

Ben the pup has stopped eating socks, there are none left, have had the same pair on for a week. I saw him sniff one and turn his nose up today.

It has been raining heavy here the last two days and the river is in spate, the garden ponds are also full to bursting point and I have had a bit of a break from tree felling.

Ohh one last news item I saw that "One Direction would "kill" anyone if they hurt Niall Horan" hes the blond one in the band, not sure what instrument he plays, ohh that's right they are all singers. I cant imagine any of them being huge punchers maybe they would bite the person who hurt Niall or pinch him to death.

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