Thursday, October 11, 2012

Peat in for the winter

Well it was another nice morning so I got a lot done about the place, chopped some more wood, cut a lawn and erected a wee fence while Gus trained Ben how to jump into the pond (and get covered in mud) and how to bark and Jessy tried training him to bite the lawnmower front tyre.

I bought a trailer full of peat from a neighbour for 60 Euro which will last me all winter with the wood supply supplementing it. Helped him load it and he had an awesome Fork specially for handling peat it has baubles on the fork ends so they don't pierce the turf and is sort of spoon shaped so you can pick up a good load at a time and it doesn't spill off. I have to unload it into the turf shed at some point which will take ten times as long but I have it covered with a tarp to keep it dry meantime. Tonight is meant to be wet again but we have been lucky this week with gorgeous weather.
I took a wee photomontage of my view across the bog it will be a shame if its covered in bliddy windmills. Emailed the Galway Mayor councellor Welby who used to be on the Oughterard small business committee with me to have a whinge lol probably do no good whatsoever but what the heck ehh.
We are meeting with the counsellor in charge of planning but he will already have had his backhander from the developer no doubt. I'm not opposed to renewable energy and I  understand how Ireland has to meet renewable resource deadlines but all counties in Ireland have areas with sufficient wind speeds to make them economically viable – this is borne out by the presence of wind farms in these areas already. It is evident that any national policy for Ireland which seeks to capture the country’s maximum capacity for wind energy can be achieved without impacting on areas with sensitive landscapes, ecology and hydrology and I think my bog could quite eassily qualify as sensitive.

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