Friday, January 22, 2010

new car

Well I picked up my new Subaru Forester and very nice it is too, now I shall have to work untill I'm 167 years old to pay it off but hey you only live once ehh. I like this car as it has a few gadgets so far I have almost bumped into a dog, a rather large granny type woman and a mack truck fiddling with buttons but I',m over the fiddling stage now so the world should be safer. The salesman almost talked me into having the DVD, which is part of the Sat Nav system adjusted so it would play when the car is being driven but  I had a think about it and my TV plays much better DVD's (size wise) and I shouldnt be watching movies while driving anyway lol and no doubt the insurance companies would check that if  Iever had an accident . I'm actually proud that I didnt have it cobnverted as this is very unlike me lol.

I can hear thunder and its been a 34C day here so I hope theres no hail coming. My next door neighbour just had a load of mulch delivered and the truck driver was nice enough to pop into my office and say my car might get dusty if i left it where it was, I thought that was nice of him.

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