Tuesday, January 26, 2010

brain explosion (techy boring stuff)

I just had a brain explosion, got home from a drive in the new wheels :) popped a coldie (beer) (its Australia day) and decided to finish installing windows on a laptop thats in for repair. I know I'm a boreing old fart working on a public holiday but I was actually chatting on the internet at the same time. Anyway this is the boreing bit no doubt, I had finished installing windows and moved photos back onto the new install and loaded Trend antivirus etc all ready to go, just i noticed there were two  instances on win xp home at boot time ie the screen is black and it has a choice before it goes to the windows screen, this slows things up so I delete the obsolete entry in the boot.ini, (There's a hidden file in the root of your boot drive that not many people know about, called "boot.ini". It controls what happens at boot time.) I made a booboo and instead of using notepad to delete the entry I deselected the time to show boot devices option lol with the wrong one selected the laptop wont boot lolololol sooooooooooooo DO NOT PASS GO ROBERT GO DIRECTLY TO THE BARBIQUE DO NOT COLLECT $200 AND REPAIR WINDOWS M8.

I'm so boreing I nearly fell asleep there I havent a clue why I'm telling the world about this anyway.

Its been a hot and humid day here and I'm glad I have air conditioning unlike my brother in law George who decry's it all the time I think its a wonderful invention.

I am often assailed by Orstralians for being a pommie b...d whereupon I inform that I am a naturalised Ossie, lift my fringe to reveal the lobotomy scar.

An Aussie pirate walks into a bar with a wooden leg, a hook and an eye patch.
The Barman says 'Sheesh - How'd you lose the leg'
The Pirate says 'Arrrrr - A shark took it off at the knee'
The Barman says 'Thats no good, what about the hand?'
The Piarate says 'Arrrrg - Lost it in a bloody bar brawl'
The Barman says 'Jeez - Well what about the eye then?'
The Pirate says 'Thats easy a seagul crapped in it' The Barman says 'What?!?!' The Pirate says 'Arrrrrrr...I'd only had the hook one day...'

An Englishman, an Irishman and an Australian walk into a bar.
The barman says, "Is this some kind of bloody joke?"

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