Monday, January 18, 2010

Excersise and diet

I fell over yesterday dislocated my ankle and sprained my wrist on my bad arm, typical. I have been walking 2.5 miles a day since New Year in an attempt to shed some KG's. Its working as I've shed 4.4 kg so far but I'm sore after my spill yesterday.

I had this customer the other day came back with a PC I'd sold him last year, he said
"I bought this off you about 6 months ago and its never worked" I said "You should have taken it straight back" anyway I went back through my records and it was sold last February so thats almost a year ago now the Mother Board is caput and its too expensive to warrant repair. Nowhere else would give the guy the time of day but I'm going to replace it with another second hand pc, why ? well I took the hard drive out and checked when it was last accessed and it was as he said not long after he bought it there had been no programs added or owt. Just seems weird that he would have waited 9 months or so before returning it.

I'll never make a fortune in business I'm too soft lol but I get a nice feeling when i can help folks out, I got this email this week
Hi Rob,

Thank you so much for repairing my computer and retrieving my files on what
I thought was an non-repairable hard drive.
I thought I had lost all of my photo's (7 years worth - since my son was 3 yrs old) ,but you
managed to save them all. I cant thank you enough.
I'd like to thank you for your friendly, very competitive and efficient service.
I wouldn't go anywhere else.
Thanks Rob

:) I managed to get the drive working by putting it in the freezer in a bag overnight the cold was enough to shrink the plates enough for me to get the files off :)
If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble. ~Bob Hope
If anyone reading this has a computer Back up your files.

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