Monday, April 6, 2015

Another gorgeous day

Spent the day clearing again (slash and burn) and uncovered another bonny spot further down in my garden. This bit has a deep burn run running through it. There is a bank with a wall on top and the bank is covered in ferns. The area is between the big softwoods and an area of birch wood and has great dappled light through it. Tomorrow I have to burn another area that is piled high with branches and then use the weed whacker  to get rid of brambles and the area will be open right though alongside a pond to a bit I cleared when John was up last.

The weather has been great the last couple of days and its a pleasure to be out gardening when it is like this, hopefully the weather will be good when Paddy is across from Australia and we can get plenty fishing in. Alan is coming over from Scotland to babysit the dogs and John is coming up too the weekend of Paddies wedding whe I will be away in England 24th May is the wedding date.

Have to make a best man speech so will have to remember to mention all Paddies old girl friends etc :)

This shot below is my wee yacht alongside a couple of fishing boats at Roundstone about 6 hrs along the coast.

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