Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Chest playing a wee tune

My ICD started playing tunes to me, the first time I heard it I thought Angie had changed the ringtone on her new iphone and it was stuck under a pillow somewhere, but no it was me playing. Have sent a transmission to the hospital over a remote carelink machine they gave me last year so they can check whats happening inside me, amazing technology ehh. Anyway I think it will just be a signal that the battery needs replaced as it has been almost 8 years since I had it fitted. Time flies.

The crocodile got painted green yesterday and I made another bench seat and moved some rocks for my rockery. Potatoes are a sucsess this year they must have liked the addition of seaweed to the plot, over the winter I will cover the area with a tarp to kill off weeds and have my fingers crossed that next season I can afford a polly tunnel for part of it.

My summer cold has almost finished just left with a nagging cough and a bit of a tight flemmy chest  mostly when I'm flat out. Today is dry again so I should try and get some whipper snipping done today lots of areas needing it again. I suppose the growth will start to ease up a bit soon and I can get on top of things again the bracken got the best of me this season in parts of the place. Gus has a gash on his leg so I have been trying to keep him out of the burns and mud but if the whipper snipper comes out they get covered in dirt and have a ball so I shall just have to make sure it gets clean later. 

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