Wednesday, August 14, 2013

smoked mackerel and another 8 tones of soil

John was up for the weekend and we went out fishing twice, it was windy both days but the wind had gone into the West on Sunday which is more sheltered in Casla Bay where we were fishing, and we caught a good few. Some were traded in the pub, I got a Tuna, or the rear half of one anyway, for some and the promise of more monk fish down the track. The tuna has been cut into steaks and will do for many feeds.
The mackerel I took home I filleted and boned, then they had cracked black pepper and salt sprinkled over them and I smoked them in the barbi with green tea and pine shavings, John commented that they were the "tastiest thing he had eaten in ages" as he demolished them.

I had another 8 tons of soil donated by Keith at Glengowla mines, I will use it to level out parts of the lawn that have dips in it and various other bits and bobs, I started yesterday but it was calm and the midgies were out so I didn't last long. Today is drizzly so it may not get done today either, och well Rome wasn't built in a day ehh.

Angie was away in the UK this week but gets home late tonight and will work from home tomorrow and take Friday off so she will have a long weekend. I was going to take the boat over to Kinvara for the hooker races but the weather doesn't look great.


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