Thursday, March 18, 2010

50 yrs

My Mum and Dad just renewed their marriage vows after 50 years, when my Mum told me I thought of responding with the "you could have shot him and only got 20 yrs" old joke, but I googled it and thats not quite true, its depends on what country you are in and the degree of murder, isnt degree a weird word here the person is dead. Anyway I didnt say that to my Mom and congratulations to them on both 50 yrs and renewing their vows.

I have a dose of the cold with a sore throat and chesty cough, if it doesnt clear by tomorrow I have a Drs appointment, to get, no doubt more drugs. I have started reducing the dose of prendisone I am taking am down to 3.5 mg a day, hopefully the pains in my bones today arent due to reducing the dose but to the cold.

My pal Paddy is off to Fiji next week, I see they have just had a cyclone there and Australia has sent 8 tons of aid and now Paddy. We stayed on a wee island in the Manamuca group when we visited Fiji, it was very tranquil and unspoilt, was a nice break the only things to cloud it was that we got money stolen and the natives couldnt be talked into taking a boat out fishing they were so into getting drunk on Kava.

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