Tuesday, February 2, 2010

East German and Japan

What should I blog about ? Nothing much been happening here of great interest, I missed my walk this morning as I slept in and had a meeting with the "Elbow man" my surgeon, he seemed happy enough with progress, he doesnt feel the pain. I didnt realise the recovery time would be as long and as sore as it is. Another two months and he says i can start working on getting strength back up till then its trying to break up scar tissue and get some movenment into it. I may have blooged before about my female physio lets call her Greta, as she could be an East German Female Arm wrestler, anyway she is so into pain its scary. I was wondering why the receptionist was smiling at me on my first visit untill I heard screams when I was waiting last time. Kenji Miyazawa quote “We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.” Robert Shairp quote" We must take panadiene forte or other strong pain relievers, stay at home and watch the Bill"

Today was one of these days when I didnt really stop all day and yet still have an empty wallet at close of play, I had two computers in for repair that I will get paid for probably tommorow and a printer that had to go back for a warranty job apart for that I lent a laptop charger to a young bloke so he could do his homework and a lady on the waterfront is going to pay me tommorow for a job I did earlier. I didnt even get a chance to do any art today lol.

Ohh btw Kenji Miyazawa was born in what is now Hanamaki city, Iwate Prefecture (Japan) as the eldest son of a wealthy pawnbroker. From an early age, he was disturbed by what he perceived to be the social inequity between his well-to-do family and the impoverished farmers in the area from whom his family profited by lending them money.

I was thinking about moving to Tassmania but things have changed and Scotland may be the destination, Angie is worried she will retire and not be able to afford to go back home to see folks, I can understand her reasoning as Tassy/ Australia is a long way away from anywhere and it costs a lot to travel, I just wanted a tractor anyway. Ohh and I'm the eternal optomist and couldnt possibly imagine being skint, ok I was joking.

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