Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sea Horse joins the carvings

The newest carving on the front lawn

Booked my ferry berth to drive up to Luing on Sept 1st am taking the Ford this time as it is a bit better on fuel and has four seats, the Subaru had to be converted to a 2 seater to be classified as a commercial and save €2000 a year in road tax.

We have had a nice couple of days since the Pikies abandoned summer early this year and all headed off. Lots of Rowan berries on the trees and I have my fingers crossed  for an Indian Summer since we missed the conventional one. Actually May was really nice.

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Marrrrry ( Lou) said...

yes, we had a terrible summer too, at least as far as heat was concerned! It was too hot to spend time outside tho my flowers were great! Nicer than ever before! Our flowers this year looked almost as nice as yours!..
I love the boats.. we have a regatta but we never seem to see it.. we had a cancellation too tho not sure why!