Thursday, July 16, 2015

mad rush of colour

The forecast is crap for the next few days for a better word for it, so we took advantage of a glorious summer day today to get the lawns mowed. Actually we had a couple of breaks from the garden during the day, it was very calm early with too many midgies for comfort, so we decided to service the outboard on the boat. Cleaned the spark plugs and the fuel system and had to go for a test run of course, the fact that we also had a fish shouldn't be mentioned. We donated our catch to the local shop keepers parents who are getting on in age and like a fresh fish for their dinner.

After cutting the grass we went and jumped in the river along with the dogs, of course this was just to get them clean nothing at all to do with our own pleasure, the water was a really nice temp.

I love mother nature and she is putting on a good show of colour about the place again now, below are some photos I just took walking round my wee bit of paradise here.

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