Saturday, February 14, 2015

Almost 2 weeks between posts

Wow time flies its been 11 days since I blogged last. Whats been happening here? well Mark came and went and no one suffered alcohol poisoning thankfully, lots has been going on in the garden of course, there are two new rockeries a dredged pond, cuttings taken from bushes propagating away in a wigwam type greenhouse made from ex glass doors, early spuds are down, as is rhubarb, onions, garlic, parsley, strawberries and carrots, courgettes, parsnips and a few other seeds I harvested last Autumn from the likes of Hostas and angrypanthers and a vast tract of land near the road has been cleared and is awaiting meadow flower seed to be sown. Bulbs are popping up all over there should be a good showing of Dafs and bluebells this year and the snowdrops miniature crocus  and camellias are out. I will have to get the camera out tomorrow and take some photos. The garden is really starting to look good now, having the excavator in did a bit of damage tracking around but it was really worth it and lots more air will get through the place now and hopefully keep those dang midgies away later in the summer.

Alan (the Yank) is here for another two weeks and we will have a visit from Sheana , Sacha and one of his pals at Easter and John may come up if he is feeling well. I will have to get the boat antifouled and back in the water prior to them visiting. The three guys I have had through the HelpX website have all been nice lads and it has been a worthwhile exercise, after Easter I will have more but this year I wont bother after October as the weather is too cold and miserable to ask then to work outdoors. 

Rossaveal is full of fishing boats just now as the mackerel shoals are just off the coast here and this is the closest port for them to land at.  I was down at the marina earlier and ran my pals boat for a while and made sure she was bailed etc. also had a good chat with the harbour master about various things including the loss of a local boat a few weeks ago that capsized off the Scottish coast.Thankfully the crew were airlifted off and taken to Stornoway.

I have a couple of chainsaw projects underway, making a donkey bench, and some seats hewn from a big log. We had bonfires for 3 days this last week and got rid of lots of branches and roots that were dug up, there was about two weeks of dry weather which helped things along great.

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