Sunday, January 4, 2015

2 inches on my belt size

Well the last couple of weeks with little exercise and lots of grub has seen the belt go out two notches and I'm about the same size as I was when working at Baystar and eating Effie burgers and chups on nightshift all the time. Its a shame as the Dr had commented on the weight I had lost since he saw me last when he saw me prior to Christmas anyway its a good excuse to go on a diet as I have a wedding coming up in May and have been asked to be best man and I need the kilt to fit better, at the moment its at maximum extension and not comfortable.

The weather has been alternating between lovely and dreich, today was lovely. My next helper arrives on Monday and I shall be back into the manual work again which should knock kilos off. I,m going to borrow the excavator again and level off an area for the poly tunnel, other jobs it will be handy for are dredging the pond and making a rockery out of a fallen wall down past the pond.

There is a full moon tonight rising at the same time as the sun is setting wish we got more of this weather here but I suppose I shouldn't whinge as we dont have bush fires threatening the house, thoughts go out to all the folks in the Adelaide hills and Victoria who have lost their homes in the last couple of days in the worst bush fires in 30 years.


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