Saturday, December 5, 2009

various bits and bobs

Progress report on elbow injury - its still there and its still sore basically its going to be a bit of a long haul I think before I have the full use of my arm again. I'm missing fishing as the weather is hot and sea temps are up no doubt bringing with them all the fun big fish. Putting up decorations was a wee bit of a chore this year as Angie isnt known for her Christmas fervour as much as I am lol. Anyway I bent her arm to help me with the outside lights this year.

Windows 7 as you probably know, doesnt ship with an email program, so I downloaded windows live mail and another couple of windows live applications one other being windows live photo gallery, below are a few stiched up images around the house which took about 20 seconds to make.

Excuse the mess as the pics were an excersise in image stitching rather than showing off a showhome :)

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